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Solutions for greener fuel in Zambia 



51 refugee youth (including 2 women) participated in a training on the making of ‘green’ braziers held at Kenani Refugee Transit Centre, Nchelenge district, Zambia, from 14th to 15th November 2017. Action Africa Help International (AAH-I) organized the training with support from Oxfam.


SDg 13


The main objective of the training was to impart knowledge and practical skills in the making of ‘green’ braziers to refugee youths at the transit centre. Selection of participants was conducted with the help of the Refugee Chairperson/President and the Refugee Officer based on their level of interest to learn this new skill.


According to UNCHR*, Kenani Transit centre hosts at least 7,595 refugees as at November 2017, the majority of them from the Democratic Republic of Congo.  The refugees, comprising 2,386 households, have traditionally used firewood and charcoal on ordinary braziers as energy sources. Both types of fuel are not readily available near the transit centre. The ordinary braziers have punctured holes in the sides and in the middle and use relatively more charcoal than ‘green’ braziers. Green braziers, also referred to as energy-saving stoves, use less charcoal and cook food faster because the heat is conserved. They also pose lower risk of causing harmful fires as they are protected.  


The training covered the environmental importance of green braziers. This is in line with Sustainable Development Goal 13 of improving education, awareness-raising and human and institutional capacity on climate change mitigation, adaptation, impact reduction and early warning. Participants also learnt the correct tools and material to use, as well as measuring and cutting processes.


Participants indicated willingness to continue making the braziers as a source of income, and selling them to at least 1,000 households at the transit centre and the surrounding host community. They have so far made and sold 43 braziers. It is expected that this will contribute towards reduction of pressure on the surrounding natural woodland forests. 



Inspiring story ahead of the World Refugee day.