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AAH International Board Chair visits HQ in Nairobi

 9 February 2017



“Are we as an organization and as individuals resilient enough to survive the ‘accordion business environment’? How can AAH-I use innovation and entrepreneurship to make the business thrive?


How do we strengthen the regional character of AAH-I?” The AAH-I International Board Chair, Dr. John Tabayi, posed these questions when he visited the headquarters and met with staff on 9 February 2017.


Dr. Tabayi passionately shared his thoughts about the value of continuous professional development in order to keep up with the demands of the business environment. Linking this to the concept of compressing and expanding the accordion bellows to make music, he encouraged staff to keep rewriting their job description as they learn new skills and take up new roles to effectively respond to the always expanding and compressing business environment.


He highlighted the need to showcase the impact of the work of AAH-I through documentation and storytelling across various communication platforms. “Let our milestones speak for us,” he said. While articulating the organization’s humble beginnings and current strategic objectives, he pointed out the gains that have been made in all AAH-I countries of operation and within the various thematic areas, and the need to tell the AAH-I story to raise the organization’s visibility and demonstrate the impact of our activities.


“We are uniquely positioned to transform our regions through the multi-sectorial dynamism that is a part of our organizational culture,” reflected Dr. Tabayi in relation to AAH-I’s expanding into Djibouti in the first quarter of 2017. “As we launch into Djibouti this year, let’s look for innovative ways to break country programme silos as we reinforce our footprint beyond refugee settings,” he said.


AAH-I Executive Director Dr. Caroline Kisia wrapped up the session by thanking Dr. Tabayi for taking his time to engage with staff and to feel the pulse of the organization at the headquarters level. This was the first meeting with HQ staff by Dr. Tabayi since he was appointed International Board Chair in November 2015.

Inspiring story ahead of the World Refugee day.