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South Sudan: Improving infrastructure in Ruweng State


Action Africa Help International (AAH-I) in collaboration with the government of Ruweng state has rehabilitated and expanded Ajuong Thok airstrip through AAH-I's Infrastructure and Transit Centre component of the Humanitarian Logistics project. The project, implemented by AAH South Sudan, is funded by UNHCR.


As at June 2017, Ruweng state in South Sudan was hosting 51,418 refugees from the South Kordofan state in Sudan, Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). These refugees were previously hosted in Yida but were relocated to the new camps of Ajuong Thok and Pamir.


The reason for the relocation was to improve service delivery by humanitarian agencies to the refugees. It is with this in mind that the Ajuong Thok airstrip in Jamjang has been rehabilitated and expanded to ensure that all kinds of planes are able to land in Ajuong Thok rather than in Yida, a considerable distance by road to the refugee settlement. The runway of the airstrip was 1 km long and 20m wide runway and is now 1.5 km long and 40m wide, with a visibility clearance of 600m on both sides and a wider parking space. A drainage system and a waiting area with toilets and a fence are under construction.


UNHCR Program Officer for Jamjang Shiferaw Mekonnen commends AAH-I for their work in supporting UNHCR to deliver services to the refugees in South Sudan. “AAH-I has the expertise we need in logistics and construction which has resulted in a savings of about 800,000 US Dollars on this project. This is applaudable because it means doing more with less”, he said.


The completed Ajuong Thok Airstrip will offer numerous benefits. The humanitarian sector will enjoy easier delivery of supplies and the business community will be able to receive their goods in Ajuong Thok with travel costs to and from Yida will be eliminated, translating into overall reduction in prices of goods. It is also anticipated that there will be more commercial planes to Ajuong Thok.


Other AAH-I infrastructure projects in Ruweng State include constructing schools, hospitals and state buildings, and setting up water points at Yida.


 Ajuong Thok airstrip

Visibility clearance at Ajuong Thok airstrip



Ajuong Thok airstrip

Expanded runway at Ajuong Thok airstrip


Ajuong Thok airstrip 

First ever cargo plane to land in Ajuong Thok Airstrip



AAH South Sudan Ruweng State

Pamir police post constructed by AAH-I 


Ajuong Thok airstrip

State Offices renovated by AAH-I



Ajuong Thok airstrip

Man-Kuor Primary school in Panriang constructed by AAH-I



AAH South Sudan Water source at Yida transit center

Water source at Yida transit centre


Inspiring story ahead of the World Refugee day.