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AAH-I receives medicine donation from the Italian Military Base in Djibouti


Action Africa Help International (AAH-I) Djibouti programme has received an assortment of medicines from the Italian Military Base in Djibouti on 7th September 2017. AAH-I Programme Director Basilio Okello received the donation.


Handing over the donation at the AAH-I Ali Sabbieh Central Pharmacy, Dr. Tembol Fabio Tomassini said that the donation is part of the military base’s corporate social responsibility of giving back to the people of Djibouti. “We see the need and are happy to partner with AAH-I to positively impact the lives of communities, especially refugees, in Djibouti,” he said. According to data from UNHCR, Djibouti is hosting at least 26,000 refugees, a majority of them from Yemen and Somalia. “We are open to further discussions to support AAH-I health project in terms of more medicine, medical equipment and infrastructure and to build the capacity of health professionals.”


AAH Djibouti medicine donation

Dr. Tembol Fabio Tomassini (left) with AAH-I’s Basilio Okello (centre) at the ceremony. Looking on is Massimo Franco Tesone.


Also present was UNHCR’s Programme Associate Oumalkair Moustapha Osman. “This partnership with AAH-I is combining the strengths and efficiencies of both organizations for the benefit of those who urgently need access to health services,” she said. AAH-I is also a UNHCR partner in Kenya, Somalia, Uganda, South Sudan and Zambia. 


“This is a timely donation, as we were almost depleting our stock. We appreciate the kind gesture from the Italian government,” said Basilio. The donated drugs are essential drugs not normally included in the package that AAH-I and UNHCR procure. It is a critical donation for treating refugees with special conditions.


AAH Djibouti medicine donation

UNHCR Programme Associate Oumalkair Moustapha Osman (left), Massimo Franco Tesone (2nd left), Dr Tembol Fabio Tomassini (3rd left) Basilio Okello (3rd right), AAH-I Field Doctor Dr. Abdi Oumar Hassan (2nd right) and a legal representative from the Italian Military Base.



From June 2017, AAH-I has been implementing a project to improve the health and nutrition status of at least 27,000 refugees in Obock, Ali Addeh and Holl Holl, and other vulnerable persons in Djibouti. We are doing this by supporting increased access to quality and comprehensive health services and strengthening chronic disease prevention and response to epidemics. Our approach is to partner with Community Representatives, the Ministry of Health, the Refugees Assistance Agency (ONARS), UNHCR and other stakeholders to ensure delivery of quality comprehensive health services to meet the health needs of this group. This work will with time be extended to include projects that improve the livelihoods of concerned communities.

Inspiring story ahead of the World Refugee day.