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Ministers & World Bank Country Manager visit AAH South Sudan Public Works Project


A delegation of high level ministers of the Republic of South Sudan visited the Safety Net project in Juba implemented by Action Africa Help International (AAH-I) on 23 November 2017. The Safety Net initiative is under the Public Works project, implemented by AAH-I on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security.


The project objective is to provide access to income opportunities and temporary employment to the poor and the vulnerable, and put in place building blocks for a social protection system. From July 2017 the project has paid US $840, 360 to at least 6,000 households who participate in public works activities.


The Ministers were accompanied by the World Bank South Sudan Country Manager Sahr Kpundeh and other Government dignitaries. The ministerial team comprised of:


  1. Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Hon. Stephen Dieu
  2. Minister of Gender, Child and Social Welfare, Hon. Awut Deng
  3. Deputy Minister of Labour, Public Service and Human Resource Development, Hon. David Yau Yau
  4. Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, Hon. Onyitii Adigo
  5. Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, Hon Cornelius Kon Ngu
  6. Under Secretaries from the Ministry of Agriculture, Dr. John O. Kanision and Prof. Mathew Udo
  7. Under Secretary of the Ministry of Labour, Mary Hilary Wani
  8. Director of Aid Coordination Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, Moses Mabior Deu
  9. Deputy Mayor of Juba City, Semir Khamis


Minsiters visit AAH SS project

Ministers (L to R) for Agriculture and Food Security, Finance and Economic Planning, Gender, Child & Social Welfare, Labour, Public Service & Human Resource Development and a Deputy Minister Agriculture and Food Security.



Some of the speech highlights from the main speakers are as follows:


You (people of Lologo) no longer need Hiwar al watani, (national dialogue), the joy, togetherness and love I have seen today has demonstrated that engaging people in a programme like this, (Safety Net) brings peace and unity in the country... I would like to thank the World Bank and AAH-I for the good implementation of the project... I will commend your good work on the project to the Presidency - Minister for Finance and Economic Planning Hon. Stephen Dieu


"...We have seen how important the project is to you. So now we are looking forward to its continuation and expansion...’’ - Minister for Agriculture and Food Security Hon Onyitii Adigo


"...Washington always asks me about the results from World Bank investments in South Sudan. Clearly the Safety Net project is one of the success stories... Today I have seen how the investments we are making are helping people. We are planning to scale up this programme so that more people can be supported...’’ World Bank Country Manager Sahr Kpundeh



"...Good work starts small but grows bigger with time, so let’s join hands in this project. I'm so happy that this project has created unity among the people..." Minister of Gender, Child and Social Welfare- Hon Awut Deng


"...It is amazing to see so many women being engaged in this project. Let’s not stop at this, we should venture into agriculture in order to increase the productivity of agro-products to supplement what we already have..." Deputy Minister of Labour, Public Service and Human Resource Development Hon. David Yau Yau 



The Ministers and the World Bank Representative commended the achievements of the Safety Net project for how it is improving the livelihoods of beneficiaries through cash transfers. They visited five Quarter Councils (Nyokuron West, Nyokuron South, Gbongoroki, Mijiki and Lologo). In each Quarter Council they were welcomed by thousands of jubilant beneficiaries who entertained them with a range of traditional dances. 


 AAH South Sudan Beneficiaries receive guests

Beneficiaries receive the guests with song and dance


The beneficiaries explained to the delegation the many benefits they have received from the project. Speaker after speaker stated that the cash they receive from the project has helped them to support their households - to buy food, pay school fees and cover medical expenses. They further pointed out that, the project has created social cohesion among residents of Quarter Councils and eased transportation to deliver water and other services from the main component of road rehabilitation.


Beneficiary holding placard

Beneficiary holding 'thank you' placard


AAH-I was represented by the Chairman of South Sudan Board Hon. Leonard Logo Mulukwat, Country Director Stephen Lukudu, Head of Programmes Richard Ofwono, Finance and Administration Director Dinah Njoroge, Public Works Project Manager Miiro Mivule and other project staff.

Inspiring story ahead of the World Refugee day.