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All for service to my fellow refugees

He gestures to stress a point. Katalayi Mbayi, 56, is a community facilitator who has lived in Zambia for the last 23 years. He has done this for a record eight years and is not ready to quit. He works alongside AAH Zambia staff in the Lusaka Urban Refugee Project to needs of refugees and asylum seekers and is part of the counselling team.


Group adopts modern farming method

In most cases, refugees are construed as needy and desperate and thus largely helpless. However, a farmers group in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Turkana County- known as ‘Umoja ni Nguvu’ (Unity is strength) - has defied this notion thanks to the introduction of modern farming technology.


Women group eatery gaining momentum

Grace Angelo believes refugees can empower themselves economically. Angelo, 40 a South-Sudanese is a single mother of three foster children. She came to Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya 25 years ago.  She lived in the camp without a source of income for several years.


South Sudan Peace Promoters receive bicycles 

Peace committees from the five Bomas (villages) of Otogo Payam in Yei River County, South Sudan have often struggled to access many areas in their peace-building efforts. But this is set to change after they were given five new bicycles to facilitate their movement.


Generous elder supports school

When Ole Sere Primary school started, it had only 20 students who took their lessons under trees. But the devastating 1997 El Niño rains led to massive flooding of the area, sweeping with them the schooling dreams of many children.


Inspiring story ahead of the World Refugee day.