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Primary school in Kyangwali facilities given facelift

Malembo Primary School had rickety structures, six years ago; learners squeezed themselves to fit in limited classrooms and had to struggle with insufficient desks. And there were only a handful of teachers. The pupils’ enrolment was low, and the teachers’ morale was low.


Yemeni refugee’s thriving irrigation-supported farm in Hargeisa

The drive from Hargeisa to the farm, 50 kilometres away, is on a tarmac road, then for about ten kilometres of this distance, it winds into a dusty earth road with no farming activity. There is only limited vegetation, with goats and sheep trying to graze from patches of grass and other plants’ leaves. 


Training South Sudan's health professionals

It started as a small village nursing school, over 20 years ago. But it has grown to be among the top medical institutions in South Sudan that is training the country's health professionals. The Maridi School of Nursing and Midwifery (MSNM) was started in 1980’s by AAH South Sudan.


Women in Kyangwali, Uganda embrace delivery at health facilities

Asiimwe Jacqueline, 29, from Kyarusensa Village in the Kyangwali refugee settlement in Uganda is looking forward to giving birth to her third child in a month's time. And this time round it will be different; she will deliver in a health facility. 


Project brings optimism to the El Wak community

She speaks with assertiveness and vigour. AlasaGurhnGuure,57, hails from El Wak, Somalia, an area that is largely semi-arid. “Women in my area face challenges such as inadequate food and poor sanitation for their families. 


Inspiring story ahead of the World Refugee day.