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Giving vulnerable people better housing

Dor Peter has been living in Kyangwali Refugee Settlement in Uganda since 2001, after fleeing fighting in in Bentiu, Sudan (before cessation). He set up a temporary mud-walled and grass-thatched house soon afterward, and in 2005 with the support of friends he built another one.


Youth making catchy clothes

Hundreds of youth have acquired tailoring skills and some have started their own shops. The six-month course equipped apprentices with skills in making diverse clothing - both for men and women. 


Refugee benefit from  farming of traditional vegetables

The young man is ecstatic after a bumper harvest of vegetables and believes there are prospects for a better one.  It is proof that refugees can successfully farm, and as a result, better their lives. 


Ethiopian refugee opts to work to become self-reliant

Dita Mama Madera is an Ethiopian refugee from Bale. He came to Hargeisa, Somaliland in 2004. Madera has a wife and two children; a girl aged five and a son aged 21. He has been keen on starting a business in the local community and being self-reliant but was cautious that this would deny him the opportunity to access privileges from UNHCR.


Woman supporting ten siblings

Nasra Mustafa Hussein, 25, is an Ethiopian Refugee living in Hero-awr, Hargeisa in Somaliland. She came from Gondar Ambagorgi region of Ethiopia in 2007 with her family.Nasra’s mother who was the sole bread winner is bedridden and partially paralysed due to sickness while her father is blind.


Inspiring story ahead of the World Refugee day.