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Women group in Kakuma set up unique eatery

When Faraja Kujirabwinja, a former employee of an NGO in Kakuma Refugee camp, Turkana County, child got sick, she did not expect that it would come along with many challenges. She worked as a peace facilitator under peace and conflict resolution unit.


Kakuma refugee group effort to be self-reliant

It is easy to assume that life in a refugee camp is all about desperation. But Mr Innocent Havyarimana, 31, a judicious businessman, chairman and founder of Furaha group, believes otherwise.


Couple stands strong in face of HIV/AIDS

Alice Maka, 38, lost two children a few weeks after delivery. This disturbed her, leading her to seek medical support at a local medical facility. “We strongly believed in our traditional beliefs and I did not register for Antenatal services. This was what led to the death of my two infants. 


Water project puts a smile on faces of community members

Twelve-year-old Faith Sei broadly smiles. She draws clean water from a water point that is connected from a natural spring, about 200 metres away; then drinks it. Faith is fromEluai Village, Mara Division, Narok County. “I live there.


Somalia refugee launches book in Zambia

“It started like a joke and I never knew it would grow to affect me like that. We were just hearing rumours of the war; little did we know it was that bad and deadly. Seated in Afmadow district in Somalia where I had not even completed my college studies, I saw people running in confusion in all directions and got alarmed. I talked to my siblings and we made quick arrangements to flee.




Inspiring story ahead of the World Refugee day.