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New hope for 12-year old Kunihira* living with HIV

New hope for 12-year old Kunihira* living with HIV

“When I arrived in Kyangwali from the transit centre in Bundigugyo, I was helpless and had no hope for life. I thought I was dying any day since I already knew I was infected with HIV and TB [Tuberculosis] at an early age. But then the community outreach by AAH gave me new hope.”



The Fight against Child Abuse

What turmoil goes through a child’s mind when they wake up in the morning only to find their only hope gone? How do they face an uncertain and ruthless world without the guiding hand of the only person they have known from birth – their mother? And how much worse does it get when that child is a refugee?



Kyangwali girl scouts pose with the District Scouts Commissioner after evening inspection at Duhaga camp site, Hoima

Education not just books; students learn practical survival skills

Both the girl and boy scout groups from Kyangwali refugee settlement took out top honours in this year’s Hoima District competition winning the right to represent the district at the 2014 Ugandan national scouting jamboree in Kampala.

The annual competition pits teams of young people against each other to find who can best demonstrate the survival skills taught at school throughout the year.


A baby is weighed by an AAH Uganda health worker at an outreach clinic

Malisho Bora: Better Nutrition for Children

Action African Help (AAH) Uganda provides nutrition services in four health centres for the refugees of Kyangwali settlement as well as the local community. Community outreach activities are carried out by a professional nutritionist with the support of two nutrition assistants, community health workers and mother groups. Services include nutritional education, supplementary and therapeutic feeding programs, home visiting, promotion of child feeding practices, food preparation demonstrations and growth monitoring. 


 Janine holds up her happy, health youngest child-ImmunisationHealthy children; happy mothers

“My name is Nyiramahoro Janine. I’m a mother of three; two daughters and a son. I gave birth to my last daughter in June 2012. My children's health has improved greatly thanks to health care services provided by AAH Uganda here in Kyangwali.

 “I didn’t know about the importance of immunisation so my first two children did not get their vaccinations on time. Luckily, they remained healthy, although other children in the village got sick with measles.


Inspiring story ahead of the World Refugee day.