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Yusuf Barume

Yusuf Barume has his sight restored 

Yusuf Barume, a 40 year old Congolese refugee, lives in Kagoma village block 3A in Kyangwali refugee settlement, Western Uganda with eight members of his family.

“I left Congo in 2009 to flee the war. When I came here I was unable to read. Each time I would try to read I would get tears flowing in my eyes. I had a lot of itching. I could feel objects moving in my eye. For my work as a religious leader I have to regularly update myself in the Koran. Life became difficult.”


No more diarrhea in Kayole No more diarrhea in Kayole

Trizah 47, a resident of Kayole Rasta and a member of a participating household has lived in this area for the last 17 years and knows only too well what it means not to have adequate clean water. She is hardly able to get the 100 litres of water that her family of 9 requires to use on a daily basis. The little water that is available is heavily contaminated and is not suitable for drinking leaving the family, especially the children vulnerable to disease.


World Refugee Day in Uganda

Refugee youth are leaders of tomorrow

A wet start to the day couldn't dampen spirits at Kyangwali refugee settlement for Uganda's official World Refugee Day celebrations on Friday 20 June.

More than two-thousand people, among them special guests representing the President, Prime Minister, King of Bunyoro, United Nations bodies, implementing partners and stakeholders from around the country, gathered together to salute the courage, strength and resilience of refugees who are forced to flee their homes from violence. 


Soothing the babies of South Sudan.jpg

Soothing the babies of South Sudan

The cries of babies coming from the isolated building makes one want to dash there and soothe them to sleep. I am deep in the Western Equatoria State of South Sudan at the Mundri primary health care centre to meet Linda Juma, one of the core staff serving in this facility. As we sit down to chat, surrounded by wailing babies, I soon realise why Linda’s work is so important here and saving lives is not just another cliché but a true calling for her. I hesitate for a moment, for I feel plucking her from her task for this interview is too much, but her warm smile eliminates this moment of awkwardness as she ushers me to a seat next to her.


Ensuring netter nutrition for refugee children

Ensuring better nutrition for refugee children

“In 2009 one of my children became malnourished and was put on a supplementary feeding programme at Rwenyawawa Health Centre, but since I joined the Malisho Bora group malnutrition has become a thing of the past not only in my home but also in my neighborhood," says Nyirabunanai Donata, a 38-year old Congolese refugee and mother living in Kagoma village, northern Uganda. 


Inspiring story ahead of the World Refugee day.