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The Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Initiative Fund (DAFI), funded by the Federal Government of Germany and managed by UNHCR, provides selected refugees with scholarships for tertiary level education in universities and polytechnic institutions in their countries of asylum.


This project aims at enhancing self-reliance of refugees by providing them with an academic qualification geared towards employment including self-employment. Refugees have an opportunity to be trained in livelihood programmes such as catering, tailoring, carpentry, and plumbing through vocational training. The project has 55 undergraduates studying in Zambian institutions including the University of Zambia, the Copperbelt University, the National Institute of Public Administration, and Chainama Hills College. In 2012, six students successfully graduated and two have since been offered employment in government clinics.


Achievements as of September 2015

AAH Zambia is serious about providing quality education at tertiary levels. To date, we have supported 45 students to access tertiary education.