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Through funding from World Bank through the Government of South Sudan (GoSS)/Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF), EFCRP aims to assist  farmers increase agricultural productivity and food production; income generation and support communities repair their assets through cash for work. 


In 2014, the project oversaw the conversion of 21,742 feedans (22,588 acres) of idle land into productive land through cultivation. Extension services were strengthened and close to 25, 947 farmers adopted various improved agronomic practices such as: proper land clearance, row planting, timely wedding and harvesting; and post harvesting management leading to increased production and reduced losses during storage. 

Moreover, several farmers received continuous technical support aimed at improving household food security; evidenced by the food available in the granaries. Furthermore, the project assisted in the construction of 2,556 metric tonnes storage capacity leading to increased income due to the sale of the surplus food.


 access to markets


Additionally, various communities have been linked to markets through rehabilitation of the feeder roads. Eighty four kilometers of feeder roads have been constructed; creating temporary employment for the youth through the cash for work. A total of US$ 565,863 has been paid out to the 3,302 persons engaged in the repair of community assets such as roads and bridges. As a result of the road construction, the turnaround time between reporting of crime and response by the government security agencies has significantly reduced. The opening up of the roads has also led to improved access to services including education, health and WASH.


Achievements as of September 2015

Our involvement in Food and Income Security (FIS) initiatives has seen rudimentary farming methods being replaced by modern agricultural practices leading to hundreds of hectares of land being put under productive cultivation. To date, 698 farmers have adopted improved technologies for food production, while 165 hectares of idle land have been put under productive cultivation


Project Summary

Project Title/No.:       Emergency Food Crisis Response (EFCRP)

Start Date:                 August 2009

Donor/Client:            The World Bank / Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry

Project Area:             Morobo, Yambio and Terekeka Counties.