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FARM Project


South Sudan continues to face serious food security challenges. Focusing on the fertile green belt states - Western, Eastern and Central Equatoria, this project is designed to rapidly increase agricultural productivity, increase trade, and improve the capacity of producers, private sector and public sector actors in South Sudan to develop commercial smallholder agriculture. The focus has been on maize, sorghum, cassava and groundnuts, with a particular focus on maize. FARM provides technical support to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) on policy and national level issues; working closely with the Department of Agriculture in the three states and also providing extensive support to county and local government extension services. Through its Grant Facility the project also provides further support to Farmer-Based Organisations and Cooperatives. The project has resulted in significant increases in yields and production of quality seed for seed companies operating in South Sudan; however, access to markets remains a challenge.


Achievements as of September 2015

The first phase of this project wound down April shortly after which the second phase began immediately. The one-year project will run up to April 2016 and has a total funding of USD 1, 540,244. The major role of AAH South Sudan will be rallying of community members to adopt modern farming technologies, extension services and education of farmers on modern farming techniques. In 2014, 4863.6 hectares of land were put under productive cultivation. 11, 136 individuals were trained on modern agricultural practices and technologies. 13,754 farmers adopted new technology and modern practices.



Project Summary

Project Title:              Food, Agribusiness and Rural Markets (FARM) Project

Date:                          March 2010 

Funder:                      USAID

Prime:                        Abt Associates Inc.

Project Area:            Western, Central and Eastern Equatoria States