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In its UNHCR funded logistics project, AAH Somalia has been implementing a two-phased project; Phase I (August to December 2013) was designed to set up staff, infrastructure and equipment while phase  II will focus initially on warehouse management and will cover UNHCR warehouses in all three zones of Somalia.


UNHCR leads protection and emergency relief interventions targeting 700,000 IDPs out of a total IDP population estimated at 1.1 million and over 2,300 refugees in Somalia. Spontaneous returns of Somali refugees emerging from Kenya, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia and Yemen continue to be recorded. According to UN estimates, a total 18,108 refugees have returned to Somalia since January 2013 and 3,284 refugees returned in the month of April 2013. Following the recent agreement on the return of Somali refugees from Kenya signed by the Governments of Somalia and Kenya and the UN, it is anticipated that these numbers will rise in the immediate future.