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Kawambwa Central Environmental Project (KCEP)


Kawambwa Central Environmental Project (KCEP); a Civil Society for Environmental Funds (CSEF) funded project was implemented in Kawambwa District of the Luapula Province of Zambia with AAH Zambia as fund managers and African Community Projects (ACP) as the technical experts.


KCECP was conceived by AAH Zambia as a result of 9 years work in the Kala refugee camp which was a home to over 40,000 refugees. Following the repatriation of refugees to their home country, an Environmental Impact Assessment was carried out to ascertain the level of impact on the environment and to determine whether it warranted any intervention. Based on the Environmental Impact Assessment report, it was seen fit for interventions to be put in place to mitigate deforestation and land degradation within Kala Camp.