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The project enhanced community self-management of beneficiaries by re-establishing functional legitimate leadership/management structures for 1,996 refugees and 6,821 asylum seekers. 50% of active female participants in leadership/management structures were trained and equipped with basic leadership, community mobilization and conflict resolution skills.


A Market survey was conducted that informed programming for 2015 according to UNHCR Livelihoods framework 2014 – 2018. In 2015, the project will aim at expanding self-reliance among refugees including Yemenis, asylum seekers and urban poor through supporting capacity building in group formation, business and entrepreneurship skills training, promotion of internal saving and loaning and provision of business seed grants. 


Achievements as of September 2015

AAH-I’s Livelihood and Self-Reliance Project has reached 4,163 persons through community awareness and sensitisation campaigns. We have supported 16 PoC (Persons of Concern) with numeracy and literacy skills and the formation of eight cooperative and other groups. Ahmed, one of the Yemeni refugees supported by AAH-I will be able to expand his agri-business thanks to the use of piping to expand the area that can be irrigated. Most vegetables in Somaliland are exported, and Ahmed is finding a ready market for his fresh local produce. Salim, another Yemeni refugee has used his business grant provided through AAH-I in partnership with UNHCR to set up a small business producing Yemeni incense and perfumed lotion – demand has already exceeded supply and he is confident he will be able to expand sales to other parts of Somalia.


Project Summary

Project Title: Livelihoods/Self-reliance

Date: January to December 2014

Donor/Client: UNHCR

Contract Value: USD 163,785.70.

Project Area: Hargeisa, Somaliland