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AAH Uganda has been contracted by World Food Programme (WFP) to store and distribute food (cereals, pulses and cooking oil) to refugees in settlements.

Food is distributed according to WFP procedures which includes ensuring that new refugees and people with special needs (the elderly, orphans and people with disabilities) receive the greatest food support.

Achievements as of September 2015

Monthly Food Basket Monitoring (FBM) targeting a sample of 30 homes per locations were done. Issues identified during food basket monitoring exercises have been addressed so as to increase efficiency and effectiveness at food distribution points. For instance, latrines and hand washing services have been provided; construction of food distribution sheds is underway.


As a result of the supplementary feeding program (SFP) severe malnutrition in the coverage area has reduced from 55% in December 2013 to 52.5% in June 2015.