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Performance by MAYA youth


AAH South Sudan initiated the Capacity Building for Post conflict Reintegration (CAPOR) project in 2007 to support communities’ capability to participate in peaceful reconstruction and reintegration. The project has been working in Central and Western Equatoria States in Juba, Yei and Maridi, Mundri-West counties respectively and is active in 4 Payam (locations) and 15 Bomas (sub-locations). The use of various creative media approaches such as drama, music, puppetry, art and football tournaments to reach out and educate communities have remained the main focus of the CAPOR project targeting specially the youth, women groups and men on peaceful coexistence and involvement in productive activities for self-reliance.


In 2014, CAPOR worked with 23,750 people belonging to community-based groups that the project had assisted to establish and train. These comprised Peace Peer Educators, Boma development committees, and information dissemination groups and were crucial in disseminating messages on peace and reconciliation and health particularly on a cholera outbreak in partnership wit the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organisation to the nearly 350,000 people that the project reached in the year.


Cultural galas and discussions were increasingly used as platforms to promote peace and cultural diversity particularly through talks between the community elders and the youth and have become vehicles in the transfer of traditional knowledge between the two groups. In 2014, the project supported 6 cultural events and 21 community meetings attracting over 5,700 participants. 


Achievements as of September 2015

Due to the prolonged conflict in South Sudan the transition into peaceful co-existence and reintegration of the stayee and returnee communities has been a challenge. Through the CAPOR project, we have been able to support communities’ capability to participate in peaceful reconstruction and reintegration. As a result of our concerted efforts; we have supported community members to set up four functioning community-based conflict mitigation structures through 80 drama shows and 25 puppetry performances. Additionally, 11 functional women groups have been set up to increase access to and active participation of women in village and public life. A further 95 women have been facilitated to engage in small businesses.


Project Summary

Project Title:              Capacity Building for Post Conflict Integration (CAPOR)

Start Date:                  2007–2014

Funder:                       EED

Project Area:             Central Equatoria State and Western Equatoria