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The Mara Entrepreneurship and Market Development (MEMDis a two-year project funded by Bread for the World (BftW), Germany. MEMD builds on AAH Kenya’s previous engagement with the communities in the area, and the Narok county government. It focuses on marginalised and resource-poor communities with lowest development indicators in areas such as education and health. The project’s goal is to support the development of an ‘entrepreneurial mind-set’ in community members in the Mara area, in order to strengthen their resilience and capacity to lead their own development.


Achievements as of September 2015

Several value chain surveys in beads, livestock and small businesses have also been conducted. The value chain surveys were aimed at strengthening community resilience and capacity to lead its own development. For example, the bead market was settled on after the local Maasai women said that it is an area they would want to grow in. This study highlighted the leading determinant of demand at 35% was the quality and variety of designs. Furthermore, it revealed that the local Maasai women were lacking in innovativeness which explained why beaded ornaments from the city found a place in the Mara markets. The research was carried out in April to June 2015 in Mara Region.


More information on the findings can be obtained below:


Bead market study:

Livestock Enterprise study:

Micro Small and Medium Enterprises study:


In addition, two fish ponds have been constructed in Nkoilale Primary and House of Love children’s home in Naikara. Communities are being encouraged to embrace fish-farming which will give them additional incomes and enrich their diet.


Moreover, the fish farmers have also been urged to form associations in order to reap more profits from the enterprise. Some of the ways to achieve this is through the linkage to new markets for livestock through visits to various successful model businesses including Mara Beef in Trans Mara, Nema Slaughter House in Nairobi and the Narok North Buyers Association.


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