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Access to safe water, adequate sanitation and good hygiene are crucial for human and economic development. AAH Uganda’s WASH program in Kyangwali works to increase and sustain the supply of potable water and reduce WASH related diseases including diarrhea, cholera, malaria and parasites.


AAH Uganda establishes permanent water points in newly designated villages and also trucks in water tanks when necessary to ensure all refugees have access to safe water. In May 2014, AAH Uganda completed an ambitious water supply project to install a pipe network beneath the Kyangwali settlement and carry water to hard to reach areas of the settlement.

AAH Uganda recruits and trains community-based sanitation and hygiene promoters and carries out weekly inspections and education sessions at water points, schools and health centres as well as in households. In keeping with its community empowerment model, AAH Uganda also establishes and supports local committees to help monitor and maintain water and sanitation standards.


Best practices promoted by AAH Uganda include better housing construction, human and solid waste management, the use and coverage of pit latrines, refuse pits, drying racks and bathing shelters, proper hand washing with soap and maintaining good personal hygiene.


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