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What we do 

We closely work  with communities to identify and develop programmes that promote ownership, relevance and sustainability.

We have  chosen to focus on the following thematic areas in an integrated development approach:


Thematic Areas  

AAH-I works with communities, local governments and other development partners to improve:


Basic services (health, education, water, hygiene and sanitation), 

We partner with communities, governments and organisations to improve access to quality water, education and health services.


Food and income security, 

Committed to helping communities become food secure and gain better livelihoods.


Environmental management and responsiveness to climate change, 

Empowering communities to tackle environmental degradation and deforestation towards environmental sustainability.


Governance, civil society strengthening and peace building, 

Supporting communities to become active participants in governance and development processes 


Humanitarian relief and recovery,  

Far-reaching experience in managing humanitarian operations, logistics and multi-sectoral refugee programmes in South Sudan, Uganda and Zambia.


Research to provide the evidence base for the above. 

Growing a portfolio of high-quality health research projects and testing innovations




Inspiring story ahead of the World Refugee day.