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The project, whose aim was to contribute to the reduction in the number of new HIV infections in Kawambwa district was funded by USAID in collaboration with ZPI and CMMB and was implemented in four areas namely: Munkanta, Mushota, Mufwaya and KTC.

Its areas of focus were biomedical intervention, counseling and testing and door to door approach for easy access to CT services as an entry point to other HIV/AIDS interventions. Other non-biomedical activities to reduce HIV transmission were also put in place for instance community sensitization on dangers of alcohol and substance abuse, ABC+ and focus on Most at Risk Populations such as commercial sex workers, uniformed personnel and mobile workers. AAH Zambia received support from local leaders; clinic in charges and volunteers who played a key role in messaging for key audiences. By the end of project period majority of the audiences had been reached with messages on CT, alcohol, ABC+ and targets met.


Achievements as of September 2015

To date, 1,023 ANC (Antenatal Care) visits have been conducted. Additionally, 1,669 pregnant women have been provided with HIV/AIDS services. Furthermore, 1,553 women have been provided with FP (Family Planning) services. Also, 829 deliveries in have been conducted in health facilities by skilled staff. Lastly, 5,652 people have been counseled and tested.